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Random Questions - Asked by subscribers to the Radical Thinking Course... Q: I read the page on disobeying authority and the government, and I want to know do you support anarchism? A: No. Anarchism would just result in... Continue reading here...

The Draft Is Immoral - A definition of slavery: "involuntary servitude." To be forced to serve any person's purposes against one's will is slavery. The military draft, then, is clearly slavery. Don't be hypnotized and brainwashed by the words "society" or "country." A society or country is a collection of individual people. If I as an individual do not have the moral right to force you to fight for my purposes, I do not gain that right simply by getting together with others and hiring a "government" to do my dirty work. With than introduction in mind, here's a story about how one young man dealt with being drafted into the military....

Continues here: The Military Draft Is Immoral

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Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. - Albert Einstein

Readers' Comments

Congratulations for your radical stuff and refreshing ideas. - Marie

Your radical mind course is awesome. - Scott M

Everything You Know Is Wrong!

Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but you may feel like that after you read some of the following pages:

Right And Wrong - And the importance of a hierarchy of values.

Jury Nullification - Think jurors can't veto a law? Think again.

American Dream or American Nightmare? - A look at the culture of consumerism.

The Trappings and Traps of Wealth - Part two of the page above.

America is not a Christian Nation - What the founding fathers said about religion.

Famous Dropouts - Check out the billionaires, writers, inventors and others listed.

How to Make the Poor and Middle Class Pay for Almost Everything - Willingly...

The Roots of War? - Could they include our most human invention: language?

Personal Power - Any useful influence or control starts with oneself.

How to Kill a Million People: Altruism Versus Self Interest - The real danger is...

Obedience to Authority? - A duty to obey the law? Here's another perspective.

Is Flip Flopping Really so Bad? - Politicians should change their positions.

Rights Come With Responsibilities? - Another social control belief.

The Military Draft Is Immoral - See why in this story.

Democrat or Republican? - My answer to this questionable question.

Random Questions - And my answers...

How Ayn Rand Influenced Me - My answer to an email.

The Arizona Immigration Law: A Mistake? - Yes, it is...

Morality and the Law - Do our laws follow our moral ideals?

Uncommon Sense in Radical Ideas - Unpopular logical ideas.

The War on Terror Is a Farce - What it's really about.

The Value of Human Life? - Five to seven million dollars, according to...

Military Fraud - The Myth of Automatic Virtue - Should we praise soldiers?

Impertinent Thoughts About Religion - And religious belief.

Using Intimidation in Politics - An example of how intimidation controls a debate.

Adam and Steve - A Look at Consciousness - A metaphorical self?

Against All Authority - Accept no authority above that of your own mind.

No Authority - You don't blindly obey, but do you respect authorities too much?

America- Love it or Leave It? - A look at bumper-sticker thinking.

Socialists For Capitalism - Socialists should favor capitalist policies. Here's why...

Piss on the American Flag? - The dangers of patriotism and flag worship.

Natural Selection in the Spread of Religion - Continues with:

Bad Religion - Can it Be Stopped?

Worth a Look

The Blue Snake -

The Thousand Mile Hole -

Beyond Mental Slavery -

The Meditation Program - My favorite brainwave entrainment product.

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